"Superman" Li Ka-shing is still flying in the airspace of the Internet of Things.

Because of the century-old battle between artificial intelligence and human Go masters, the Hasabis and DeepMind behind the Alpha dog are gradually becoming known. Looking at the history of DeepMind, I saw the name of Li Ka-shing in the list of early investors. . "Investing in Superman" is worthy of "Superman". It always captures him with a unique vision when a good project sprouts. Let us use Li Ka-shing's investment trends in the field of emerging technology to predict which areas will break out in the future. Rise.

To say that Li Ka-shing's actions in the field of science and technology, he must first say that his Horizons Venture (HV), Li Ka-shing, is 87 years old, as a world-renowned billionaire, through its longevity department (Changjiang Industry, Hutchison) Huangpu and Husky Oil have accumulated about $31 billion in wealth.

Therefore, people's initial impression is the investment of real estate developers and mobile communications, and it is the investment of Victoria Harbour that sets up a bridge between Li Ka-shing and the rising digital start-ups.

Cough, before you talk about the right thing, first insert a gossip: about Li and HV, also about Li and his confidante.

Zhou Kaixuan, born in 1961, is 33 years younger than Li Ka-shing. According to reports, in the late 1980s, Zhou Kaixuan met the famous director Xu Ke’s wife, Shi Nansheng, who has rich contacts in both politics and business, and also met with Tung Chee-hwa’s cousin Zhang Peiwei through Shi Nansheng. After meeting, they quickly became confidants and formed two companies, one of which is the Victoria Harbour Company, which specializes in mainland trade.

Zhou and Li met in 1993, when Zhou Kaixuan was developing an Oriental Plaza with a total area of ​​100,000 square meters in Wangfujing, Beijing. Li Ka-shing and other Hong Kong consortiums also participated. Subsequently, with the cooperation on Tom Online, Zhou Kaixuan truly entered Li Ka-shing's wealth circle and became a "long-term business partner, assistant and cronies." Victoria Harbour Investment was established around 2007, but Zhou Kaixuan revealed to Forbes Asia that in 2002, she and her long-time business partner Zhang Peiwei founded Weigang Investment to find investment opportunities in high-tech fields. Li Ka-shing decided to join the Li Ka-shing Foundation two years after his founding.

In December 2007, Li Ka-shing bought 0.8% of Facebook's shares through HV for 120 million US dollars. Now Facebook's market value has already exceeded 300 billion US dollars. Li Ka-shing's original investment of 120 million US dollars has already turned over at least 10 times, plus Later, the success of many well-known Internet companies such as spoTIfy, skype (acquired by Ebay, and later acquired by Microsoft) established Horizons Ventures' reputation as a world-class venture capitalist.

At present, Victoria Harbour has invested in more than 60 high-tech enterprises, and the Internet of Things alone involves big data, artificial intelligence, 3D printing, bitcoin information, smart home, etc. The projects invested by Victoria Harbour Investment are mainly divided into data consumption and subversive technology.

"One of the coolest features of him and his team is that they know the direction of the imaginary world."

-- Daniel Ek, CEO of SpoTIfy

Let's take a look at those star companies that invest in Victoria Harbour:

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